Ignite: You Inc – We’re all freelancers now

“Go quit your jobs”

Thunderous applause greeted the appearance of these words on the projector screen at the last night’s Ignite Ottawa speed presentation series.

It was the end of Mercury Grove CEO Scott Annan’s presentation: “You Inc. – We’re all freelancers now”

Annan argued his case for tendering resignations immediately by insisting the current employment “business model” is broken.

“Companies try to get people to exchange work for security that doesn’t exist anymore,” said Annan.

While it was once common for someone to change jobs a few times in their life, it’s now more common to completely change industries five times in a lifetime.

Annan noted that the global connectivity of the Internet has brought forth more possibilities than ever for niche markets to thrive and that within this community, “authentic trumps brands.”

“You’ve got more opportunities by connecting to more people than ever before,” said Annan.

“Go do something big and important,” he said. “Go quit your jobs”

Annan then slyly inserted a mention of his company’s CRM app,Network Hippo.