Ignite your Coding, brought to you by Microsoft Canada!

Microsoft Canada is presenting Ignite your coding; a program designed for technical professionals, to help in support with career development, practical skills and business development resources all in one place.  For developers, currency is strengthened in staying relevant within the market place and engaging in new technologies that create meaningful experiences that can deliver.  Ignite your coding offers a unique opportunity to be on the leading edge of indsutry relevant learnings.  Microsoft Canada wants to help developers manage this change, by emphasizing the value in keeping these ever valuable skills up-to-date.

What can Ignite your coding do for your career and why should you register for this program?  You’ll gain the opportunity to not only listen to the experts in your field but also ask the tough questions of the experts themselves.  Keynotes and industry leaders such as Andy Hunt, “Uncle Bob” Martin and David Laribee will all be in attendance, providing a great opportunity for open dialogue and discussion.

Registration is now live, so sign up for a combination of webcasts and begin collaborting with industry experts and peers alike.  This is a fantastic chance to connect, learn and engage in rich conversations.