Ignition Pitch Awards Three Local Startups

Ignition is an annual event hosted to promote the launch of Waterloo Region’s Launch Pad 50k Venture Creation Competition. This years Ignition Pitch event attracted 52 entrants who each delivered their best 90 second elevator pitch.

First place went to a Conestoga College student who plans on stating a company that will manufacture flooring using reclaimed wood.

Two early stage tech companies with ties to the University of Waterloo also took home prizes. Nalion Technologies, a company founded by three students from UW’s Masters of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology program is focused on commercializing Professor Linda Nazar’s new battery technology. Traditional batteries are created using cobalt, a material short in supply, while Nalion Technologies batteries uses cheaper more abundant materials.

Wordbridge, a startup from UW’s Velocity mobile + media incubator also took home a cash prize for its pitch on language translation software. Wordbridge hopes to develop software that is capable of translating words found in pictures. For example you could take a photo of a menu in a foreign restaurant and have it translated into your language.

 All winning teams were awarded a cash prize of $1,000. Although many of the teams sound well on their way to making their pitches a reality, creating a startup is not a requirement for entering the Ignition Pitch competition.