iLoveRewards raises Millions for US Brand

Jevon MacDonald over at StartupNorth likes I Love Rewards… a lot. Turns out John Albright of JLA Ventures does too.

iLoveRewards took a big problem and found a quirky and economical solution to it. This is the kind of company had me gushing 10 seconds in to the pitch. I’m sure that John Albright and company saw it from a mile away. In the case of iLoveRewards, employees of a company can earn points for things like good attendance, hitting sales targets or customer satisfaction. As these points build up, the employee can redeem them through iLoveRewards.

MacDonald reported today that JLA Ventures has contributed an additional $1.5 Million to the $4.7 Million Series A round which will be used to create a US-focused brand for the service as well as to finance more sales and marketing initiatives.