IMC: HubSpot’s Website Grader

Erin Colbert of HubSpot recently presented on Website Grader, which is a tool that generates a quick SEO report and offers a grade on your site’s performance.

Techvibes gets a 99.3 out of 100.

You can run your own report at, run a report for your competitor’s site or run a report for your site and set a competitor comparison by entering their URLs. For prosperity sake, I saved the TechVibes report as a PDF.

With some of the report elements, you need to have a basic understanding of SEO in order to make a good judgement about whether to follow the suggestions or not. For example, their suggestions about heading tags, meta data, and images require some background knowledge and understanding of these elements’ relevancy. But the information on incoming links, date last crawled, and social bookmark links are interesting, general business information.

If you think your site sucks, this is a good “freak out your boss” tool.