ImmersiFind Locates CellMap for iPhone Technology

CellmapLast week we reported on ImmersiFind, a spinoff of Canpages’ local search platform. One aspect of the story I missed is that the iPhone component of ImmersiFind was done by two-man Vancouver startup CellMap. CellMap provides mobile mapping solutions for organizations and events, and won this year’s PopVox award for Best Mobile Application.

CellMap President and CTO Aaron Hilton tells us that their involvement started only half a year ago, when he presented CellMap at Vancouver’s Mobile Monday. Canpages CEO Olivier Vincent was in the audience, and the two later met. Even before the Canadian iPhone release, CellMap had a prototype crafted. Now, just a few months later, the iPhone app is a part of ImmersiFind’s platform.

The crew at Canpages are fantastic to work with. We’ve been pushed harder than ever, and now that the greater picture with ImmersiFind is coming clear, the greater value of our work is starting to be realized…Even though we built the iPhone application, it’s Canpages internal efforts and combined technologies that are making a truly revolutionary platform with ImmersiFind.

Definately an interesting tale of the speed of the industry and the value of connecting offline. Congrats Aaron and Cellmap for getting your technology out to a platform with international distribution.