Immortalize Your Wedding Memories with Canadian Startup Snapable

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce,” says German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld in his documentary Lagerfeld Confidential. Photographs often seem to be magical: they have this unusual ability to store and trigger memories that would have been all but lost.

Perhaps it’s for this reason we hear the exciting stories of the surge of photo-oriented apps such as Instagram (acquired by Facebook for $1 billion), Pixable (acquired by SingTel for $26.5 million), and Path (a visually-centred private social network with over 3 million users).

Despite the rising popularity of video, photos still remain the staple of content for many social networks and conversations.

This is also the reason why photographs play such a huge part when it comes to major life events, such as birthdays, ceremonies, and weddings: people love the reminder of the high points of their lives. A new service has emerged to cater to these specific types of moments: Snapable is a startup that specializes in capturing and sharing memories of weddings through photographs.

Snapable allows brides and grooms to easily collect the photos taken at their wedding. This means they can re-live other events they may have missed during the wedding.

It’s also an extremely engaging way to get their guests involved throughout the day. Before Snapable, brides and grooms would provide disposable cameras to their guests and take photos in photobooths. With the increasing popularity of smart phones and improved phone camera quality, Snapable believes that this process can be digitized.

This means that the newlyweds have more control over privacy and curation of their wedding day photos. No longer do they have to manually digitize (i.e. develop and scan) all their wedding photos, which sounds extremely tedious. Naturally, the photos from the wedding are all gathered in one convenient website, which makes it extremely easy to share and adds in a social element to an ordinarily solitary photo album.

There are three founders behind Snapable: Andrew Draper (a co-founder of ManPacks, Gijit, and Scratchpad), Hana Abaza (a co-founder of Wedding Republic), and Marc Meszaros (a co-founder of Scratchpad). The synthesis of the idea began one meeting between Abaza, who is extremely familiar with the wedding industry through her work with WeddingRepublic, and Draper. Draper then created a proof-of-concept and started refining the app by personally trying it out at events like StartupDrinks.

One of the most exciting aspects of Snapable is its potential for expansion into other verticals beyond weddings. “There’s plenty of room for us to improve things so we plan on using the wedding space to fine-tune what we’ve got, expand within that space and then work our way into other verticals such as corporate functions and the travel space,” says Draper.

“My wife and spent a weekend in Mont Tremblant in Quebec recently and we used Snapable to collect all of our photos,” he continues. “It was super cool and we were able to send friends and relatives the link to be able to see what we were doing as it happened.”

Snapable allows users to create events on its website, share the app with guests who can use it to take photos, and view wedding albums for free. At the moment, it plans to make money by offering multiple photo print packages that users can take advantage of.

Ultimately, Snapable has an element in common with Instagram, Pixable, and Path: it captures our memories and shares them with other people.

After all, as Jon Krakauer writes in Into the Wild, “Happiness is only real when shared.”