In Canadian Retail, The Only Certain Thing is Change

At Le Hop Sommet in Montreal, PwC Canada launched Total Retail, a report on Canadian retailers who have seen how digital and other technologies are transforming retail.

According to the report, 42% of millennials buy online monthly and they want to navigate online using their mobile devices while in the store.

“New technologies continue to shape customer demands and retailers are hard-pressed to keep up with this evolving culture,” reads the report. “Canadian shoppers are already thinking and shopping in omni-channel dimensions, and so retailers are looking to change their model into a personalized approach to better meet ongoing expectations and, ultimately, enhance the customer experience.”



Almost 40% of consumers under the age of 34 say that interactions with their favourite brands through social media have driven them to respect and value those brands more. 63%of Canadian millennials are likely to buy online from an out-of-country retailer over the next 12 months because they can get better prices. 81% of Canadian consumers said that having a paid-return label provided with shipment was the most important return option for them.