In communications, social media is just another tool

As a communicator, do you blog? Maintain a presence on Facebook? How about a Twitter feed?

Odds are, the answers to all three of these questions are yes, but are these social media tools being used as part of a broader communications strategy? And how will you know if they are working?

Cyrus Mavalwala, ABC, Founding Partner of Advantis Communication and a board member of the Toronto chapter of the IABC, will be giving a breakfast seminar on Wednesday, November 17th to help you assess these questions and more. Mavalwala — who has been a communicator for early stage companies, not-for-profits and large corporations like BMO, Microsoft and Hewlett Packard — will focus on how to integrate social media into existing communications strategies and how you can measure success with these tools. Pitching social media to clients and tracking the right metrics will be focal points for the two-hour discussion.

“Selling, Implementing & Measuring Social Media” takes place from 8–10 a.m. on Wednesday, November 17th at the Marriott Downtown at Toronto’s Eaton Centre. For more information about the event, Cyrus Mavalwala, and how to register, click here.