In the world of e-commerce, Apple’s iPad generates insanely disproportionate revenue compared to traffic

E-commerce software provider Ability Commerce recently released some very interesting data surrounding what some dub “m-commerce,” AKA e-commerce on mobile devices.

The research looked at traffic and revenue from two of Ability’s clients.

Client number one: A little over a third of mobile e-commerce traffic comes from the iPhone, the data suggests, and about the same amount comes from Android devices. The iPad accounts for roughly 13% of traffic.

But here’s where it gets interesting. Talking about the same client, the revenue generated from that traffic is entirely disproportionate. The iPad, with just 13% of the traffic, generated a stunning 56% of the overall m-commerce revenue. Meanwhile, the iOS and Android smartphones, which accounted for three-quarters of traffic, generated less than 40% of the revenue.

Client number two: More of the same, though slightly less pronounced. The iPad was responsible for more traffic at 21%, but still generated disproportionate revenue at over 51%—far beyond double, and again making the iPhone and Android weak revenue generators relative to traffic.

The idea behind the results make sense—if anything, the bigger screen of a 10-inch tablet versus a 3.5-inch smartphone should make a large difference—but just how dramatic the disproportions are is rather unexpected.

Moral of the story? If you do e-commerce, get a sleek mobile-optimized website or iPad app ASAP.