Inaugural SustainabilityCamp Greens Toronto’s Fall

Toronto’s Wildfire Strategic Marketing announced today that SustainabilityCamp 2008 will be held on November 16th at the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto. SustainabilityCamp is an unconference that enables in-depth discussions and the collaborative sharing of practical ideas around sustainable community building in a creative economy.

Attendees will be introduced to social communications, community engagement and participation, sustainable technology and Web 2.0 social software and how it can help build a vibrant creative economy. As with all unconferences, everyone is encouraged to participate at SustainabilityCamp and the format allows everyone to set the agenda, present, become involved in discussions and learn as they choose.

SustainabilityCamp will feature Tom Williams, CEO of, as the keynote speaker. Founded in 2004, hosts fundraising pages on behalf of charities, non-profits and grassroots projects. The complete speaker lineup will be announced on the SustainabilityCamp wiki. Anyone interested in participating as a presenter at the conference are invited to apply on the SustainabilityCamp wiki until November 11th.