Inc. Magazine Selects Early Exits as one of the Best Books for Business Owners of 2009

I’m excited to say that Inc. Magazine has selected my book, “Early Exits” as one of the “Best Books for Business Owners of 2009.”

“Written by a seasoned early-stage investor, Early Exits is a must-read for any entrepreneur who has wrestled with the dilemma of taking outside funding.

Peters makes the case that marching toward an exit is a good thing, and not nearly as impossible as it may seem. A surprising number of business owners are cashing out after only two-to-five years and for between $5 million and $30 million, he asserts—making this period, for all its turbulence, a golden era for entrepreneurs.”

Recommended by Bo Burlingham. The Inc Magazine article is available here.

(Please excuse the shameless self promotion.)