News in Short: Vancouver’s Blue Jamb Media innovates tourism, interesting Internet stats revealed


Blue Jamb Media launches White Rock BlueZone

The Vancouver-based Blue Jamb Media, which is an interactive multi-media advertising company focusing on mobile communications, has just launched the White Rock Bluezone, a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth network enabling visitors to the city’s promenade to surf the net on their laptops, receive video content about local events and happenings on their cellphones and download a city app, all at no cost. The advertising concept is claimed to be a tourism-industry first.

BlueZones are the brainchild of Blue Jamb Media. They combine Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology to send a variety of content to mobile devices where people socialize, providing innovative advertising opportunities.

The White Rock Bluezone features 14 Access Points in businesses along the 2.5 kilometre oceanfront promenade that attracts residents and visitors shopping, dining and beaching. Each “hotspot” has a Bluetooth component that sends a permission based text message to all Bluetooth-enabled phones within a 30-metre radius. If accepted, the user receives a 40-second video promoting local tourism events and schedules.  A Wi-Fi function of the Access Point enables smart phones and laptops to pull the video content as well as surf the Internet. The Wi-Fi splash page links to a Tourism White Rock phone application to access the city’s tourism mobile website for information on things to do and places to go. The businesses provide the Internet connection in exchange for the opportunity to market themselves within the mobile space.  

“People are increasingly relying on their smart phones to access information in the moment about everything from restaurants to events,” says Betina Albornoz, executive director for Tourism White Rock. “The White Rock Bluezone™ lets us provide visitors with that convenience and businesses access to visitors – a win-win situation.”

“Tourism is just one industry the technology can be applied to. It’s ideal advertising for everything from services to entertainment and sports,” says Herlihy. High-interest media content can be branded and sent to precise locations, to pinpoint specific types of consumers. Blue Jamb says that’s what sets the medium apart from mobile ads sent over traditional carrier networks. 

Interesting internet statistics

• India, while have an extremely low Internet penetration rate of less than 7%, is still the fourth largest country in terms of over all users, due to its massive population.

• Canada, meanwhile, despite having a tremendously high penetration rate of nearly 75%, ranks only ranks only 19th for most overall internet users, due to its comparatively low population.

• In total, there are 1.8 billion internet users across the globe.

• The top 10 countries for internet usage combine for two-thirds of all internet users in the world, leaving nearly 200 countries to make up the remaining one-third.

• The top 3: China (420 million), U.S. (234 million), and Japan (99 million). Some semi-surprising appearances on the top 20 list include Vietnam, Nigeria, and Turkey.