Your one-stop source: 10 essential things to know for Apple’s iPhone 4 Canadian launch tomorrow

There are many questions to be had—and, besides perhaps “Why is Steve Jobs a egotistical, controlling jerk?” we at Techvibes can answer all of them. Here, we have compiled a list of 10 essential facts to keep in mind for tomorrow.

1. The iPhone is launching in Canada July 30th. That’s TOMORROW. For the knowledge-nerds, it’s also launching in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

2. The iPhone is available only in black. This special white model everyone has been chatting about is delayed. No white stallion for you, yet.

3. You can buy the iPhone 4 in a variety of places: Any Apple store, or any Rogers, Telus, Bell, or Fido store or dealer, including Futureshop and Best Buy. That is, if it isn’t completely sold out from now until the iPhone 5 is announced. The Apple online store may or may not sell iPhone 4 units on launch day; it’s as of yet unconfirmed. Same goes for online stores of the major carriers.

4. As implied by #3, iPhone can have a plan with a variety of different carriers. In fact, the iPhone 4 can be used with ANY carrier: You can buy an UNLOCKED version from Apple online or in-store for around $800 (yes, 800) which can be used with any (yes, any) carrier in the world. Please note that buying an iPhone from any carrier WILL be locked, whether on contract or not. And if you buy an iPhone from an Apple store on contract, it WILL be locked. You must buy it from an Apple Store at full price. Even pay-as-you-go SIM cards will work in the unlocked iPhone.

5. In case you’ve been too lazy to check, the iPhone 4 will cost $200 for the 16 GB model and $300 for the 32 GB model. These prices are with a standard, 3 -year carrier contract.

6. If you’re in a scramble and forget your giant stack of twenties, fret not: the Apple store takes anything, from credit, to debit, to gift cards, and even those ancient things, called, um, oh yeah—cheques. As long you fork the dough over for a shiny new phone, they’re happy.

7. Virtually all Apple Stores across the country will be opening bright and early on launch day at 7am. This may vary for Apple Stores stuck inside of malls.

8. While these solutions are considerably cooler than Apple’s standard bumper, iPhone 4 purchasers WILL receive a “complementary” bumper to offset the terribly design antenna and its resulting issues. Third party bumpers may be supplied free of charge if Apple stock runs out.

9. If you want to be assured you’ll actually come out of a store with an iPhone 4 in hand, you’ll want to get there early. As in, at least a couple hours before the store opens. In fact, you should really be there now. Print off this list and get going!

Well, that’s it folks! Enjoy your… oh, right, I said 10 things, didn’t I?

10. The Apple iPhone is a phone. No, seriously, this is a legitimate point—don’t knock over children as you bulldoze through crowds trying to be the first to walk through the antennagate. Your life will go on if you don’t snag one the first day or two. Your techie friends may judge you, but this too shall pass.