Incubes Unveils Third Batch of Startups, Seeks Fourth Intake

2012 a great year for startup financing in Canada. I believe there has never been a better time to be a technology entrepreneur in Canada. So what better time to roll out Toronto accelerator Incubes’ third batch of startups? 

1. Fabspaces believes the teaching standard of chalkboards, notebooks, textbooks, whiteboards, and televisions is a little bit boring. Founder Juan Gonzalez, with his team of technologists, are creating web-based interactive video technology to enable Fabspaces workshops all over the world.

It is a web-based software, aiming to spawn a new generation of producers, makers, and problem-solvers. Fabspaces’ SaaS model helps spur the much-needed global education revolution, for engaging activity-based lessons. It will be available for schools, universities, and professional training institutions.

Students will learn skills needed for a tech-heavy future. Most people would much rather play all the time, so why not allow for “playful learning?” 

2. Leaders for Non Profit (L4NP) is a web app providing services for finding and training high quality volunteer talent. The startup provides a better way for organizations to find top-quality volunteers capable of undertaking important leadership roles.

Participants benefit by developing their skills for the future. They are also matched efficiently with a volunteer role of their liking. 

3. TopThat is a web-based app, allowing people or businesses, to create competitions and challenges. Competition managers can use a “pay to compete” option, much like a league entrance fee for those under the radar fantasy football betting pools.

One can create their own competition, compete against their friends, judge, be judged, show off, and win. Competitions can be about anything a manager wants.  

Incubes is looking for their fourth intake as well. Interested founders, investors, and mentors can apply here.