Indiegogo is Going on a Canadian Road Trip

The first Canadian Indiegogo campaign launched in 2009, and since then, Canadians across the country have raised millions of dollars for their creative, entrepreneurial, and cause campaigns.

Indiegogo has spent the summer sharing their crowdfunding wisdom with user events in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver and now they’re stepping it up for fall. No doubt to keep ahead of their newest competitor in Canada, Kickstarter.

Starting September 16, Indiegogo will be traveling from coast-to-coast to share the stories of what Indiegogo Campaigners have and are bringing to life. They’ll showcase past and current campaigns, large and small, across categories and celebrate all things Canadian.

They’ll also be holding casual meetups in each city. Whether you’ve run a campaign, are thinking of starting, or just want to know more about Indiegogo and crowdfunding, this is an opportunity to meet with experts and hear firsthand stories from the community. 

Check the links below to find out more and RSVP for a meetup in your city: