Indochino introduces CMS to your left breast pocket

Victoria-inspired, Shanghai-based startup Indochino has introduced 40 character suit monogramming to their product line – “the worlds first and longest clothing messaging system”. The inspiration for Indochino’s 40 character monogramming? A trend Indochino Co-Founder Heikal Gani saw in some of his favorite tech companies.

I love Apple and had engraved my last iPod; and since the advent of Twitter, my mind is always thinking of short, fun phrases. I wondered: Why isn’t someone doing this sort of thing in suits and clothing?

Tagged ‘Suitable Phrasing’ monogramming, customers can choose from two fonts and three colors to personalize their Indochino custom made suit jacket over two lines of 20 characters above the inside left breast pocket.

As an early adopter and one the first to buy an Indochino suit, I’ll definitely be taking them up on this option with my next order. Indochino’s overall offering has evolved handsomely over the past 18 months and the combination of their self-measuring system, Perfect Fit Guarantee, and free global shipping make them a contender in competitive fashion marketplace.