Indulge in a self-obsessed Facebook time warp with Past Posts

Remember what you did on May 27, 2010?

This is the question that headlines the website for Past Posts, a fun app that spits out emails documenting what you did one year ago. On Facebook.

Sound pointless, self-obsessed, and like one more daily email you’ll probably regret letting clutter your inbox?

Well, it is—which is why you’ll do it anyway (I know I did).

Facebook is all about indulging in your own cake of egomaniacal e-popularity (whether actually existent or otherwise). And what’s better than, when tiring from today’s Facebook after three hours, brushing up on your own doings one year prior?

The simple concept was born out of this year’s TechCrunch Disrupt hackathon by three New Yorkers so don’t expect anything more to happen with it, unless it caught unexpected traction, in which case they may attempt to monetize it. For now, simply enjoy the fact that while this morning you told the world you ate sausage and eggs, this morning last year you told the world you ate bacon and eggs.

And you wouldn’t have even remembered without Past Posts.