Industry Canada Ruffles the Big Three’s Hair, Proudly Boasts About It

Industry Canada has released a TV spot trumping the changes they’ve effected in the wireless markets.

The spot highlights a few of the small victories Industry Canada, headed up by The Honourable James Moore, has won against the Telus-Rogers-Bell triopoly: an end to 3-year contracts, 15-day trial periods on devices with new plans, and caps on heretofore Scrooge McDuckian data roaming charges.

Details of these changes are expounded on at, which could have been wittily named “MooreChoices”; in an uncharacteristic (for Canadian politicians) show of chutzpah, James Moore denounced the Big Three’s FUD campaign against Verizon’s possible entry into the spectrum auction as “misleading.” Them’s fighting words. Very subdued, polite fighting words.



While the efforts of Industry Canada are certainly appreciated, these changes feel like the tip of the iceberg—a relatively gentle kick in the shins to the three-headed telecom behemoth clutching Canadians in its meaty fist. Cisco has already warned that our infrastructure will likely struggle to keep up with rapidly increasing bandwidth demands, and pundits are constantly highlighting the disparity between Canada’s wireless and Internet services as compared to the world’s poorest nations.

Our only hope is that Industry Canada is itself a sleeping giant, slowly being awoken to the angry cries of the Lillliputian Canucks surrounding it. Will the agency one day stir, stand up, and give the Big Three the vicious spanking they so justly deserve? Sadly, signs point to “no”: Industry Canada can’t even squeeze out a tweet in under a few weeks, and comments on the YouTube version of the ad are disabled.