Influicity Opens YouTube Influencer Platform to All Agencies

Two months after launching its YouTube influencer marketplace, Toronto’s Influicity is opening its platform to agencies “of all stripes and sizes,” from PR firms to social marketing agencies.

The demand has been “very positive,” according to the Canadian company, with several agencies licensing accounts immediately, causing a backlog in new client on-boarding.

“When we launched the new platform in June, our primary target was brands and media agencies,” explains Influicity founder Jonathan Davids. “We then quickly saw requests from a broader mix of MarCom agencies. It’s an indication that YouTube influencers are in high demand across the marketing landscape.”

In June, Influicity rolled out its platform enabling marketers to search thousands of YouTube influencers, then connect and collaborate on national advertising campaigns. Marketers can segment audiences using filters such as age, gender, ethnicity and subject-matter, then leverage the campaign management and analytics tools to execute influencer campaigns.

“Influencer marketing has a very special set of challenges, ranging from pricing, to content development techniques, and measurement,” continued Davids. “Clients expect their agencies to perform at peak levels, and agencies need an out-of-the-box solution to make that happen. Influicity amplifies any team’s ability to build, launch and measure influencer campaigns, with five influencers or 50.”