Infographics Generate More PR than Corporate News says Eloqua

In recent months here on Techvibes and other popular places you may have seen that thing called an infographic. You know, that picture box with bolded stats, graphs and a bunch of numbers and percentages so you don’t have to read the article? Like the one that’s staring you down to the right?

Straight and to the point. 

The VP of Content Marketing at Eloqua, Joe Chernov, uploaded a great slideshow on the subject to SlideShare that has accumulated over 42,000 views in a week.

In the presentation, Chernov admits that infographics have been around forever and asks why are they so popular now? 

He says that they are simple (max proficiency with minimum effort, sharable (they make a great headline), and they have status (there’s a thrill of discovery with good ones). 

Eloqua found that infographics are driving more traffic to blogs, were tops in driving from complettions, generate more PR than any other corporate news, and went on to correlate to sales- 49 viewers of one infographic went on to buy Eloqua. 

It’s working for Techvibes too- infographic posts are generally getting tweeted two to three times as much as regular, similar posts, and are often some of our most-shared articles.

An Infographic About Infographics?

That’s precisely what Paul Mison posted on over a year ago, bringing some light to perhaps just how many infographics there are out there.

Mison is right in saying that not all infographics are going to be successful- some are just pointless and badly done.

Well, that’s why we only post good ones here at Techvibes.

Some Successful Infographic Strategies and Tips

Chernov says to keep your infographic relevant and on target you should be simplifying the complex. 

There are lots of different things you can do with infographics, so experiment and be creative. 

You can probably find what consitutes to be a good infographic by checking out all these sites that Chernov mentioned that are purely just for infographics: 


2) Good Magazine





7) Infographicshowcase