ING DIRECT encourages users to tweet fees

Last week ING DIRECT got on the social media bandwagon and launched launched Fee Tweeter, a new Twitter application which enables users to tweet their bank fees and keep track of how much they are actually spending. The application allows savers to share and compare the bank fees they’ve been charged and gives users a place to voice their thoughts on savings.

I know what you’re thinking – not everyone is on Twitter or even knows what it is still. Not a problem. Users can access Fee Tweeter in two ways.

Those with Twitter accounts can tweet to @FeeTweeter. Every two weeks, a direct message will be sent back to the user about their total fees tweeted to date, or they can log in to their Twitter account at to view their total at any time.

For those who don’t have a Twitter account, they can log in via a guest account on The Fee Tweeter stream also displays Tweets from other users commenting about their fees.

Fee Tweeter is a new part of the initiative launched last month by ING DIRECT. The website provides information, encourages discussion and challenges Canadians to speak up about bank service charges and fees.

If you like it, be sure to let them know – ING Direct Canada CEO Peter Aceto is on Twitter at @CEO_INGDIRECT.