ING Direct makes a social media splash with its THRiVE chequing account campaign

ING Direct is evidently quite excited about the launch of its new, no-fee, interest-paid “THRiVE” chequing account campaign—and so they should be.

They’re Facebooking it, they’re tweeting it, they’re webcasting it, they’re Flickring it, and they’re YouTubing it. And it’s making a splash, as demonstrated by this video:


If you like that video and its associated pun, you’ll also like this video, which states that “Thrive is change. And lots of it,” going on to show a question, “tired of being nickel dimed?” on a large board covered in nickels and dimes, which get gradually pulled off by passerbys until the full ad is revealed.

But splash and change puns aside, ING Direct’s work is serious business. It underscores the fact that our Big Five banks are charging us for services that can not only be provided for free, but actually reward you. And it’s good that they’re doing it through social media, because that’s where it has a shot of going viral—and so it should, because ING’s simplified, user-friendly approach to banking is sorely needed on a larger scale.

Maybe we’ll even get another chance to win an iPad. Why don’t you ask their CEO on Twitter?