ING Direct’s first ever Meet and Tweet comes to Toronto!

This coming Thursday on January 21st, ING Direct is presenting a Meet and Tweet at the Darkhorse Expresso Bar (215 Spadina Avenue at Sullivan Street).  The first of its kind, I can say with certainty that this won’t be the last time we see ING sponsor such a gathering.  With the focus to bring together social media and digital media advocates in Toronto and host an informal atmosphere where ideas and pints can be exchanged liberally, this event has already garnered some much deserved buzz.

The lineup of speakers is impressive and includes:

Peter Aceto, President & CEO of ING DIRECT Canada

Peter Aceto, President & Chief Executive Officer of ING DIRECT Canada, is a passionate leader and committed savings advocate. His career with ING DIRECT began in Canada more than a decade ago as a founding member of its senior leadership team.

Matt Hartley, Techology Reporter at the National Post

Matt Hartley is an award-winning technology reporter for the Financial Post section of the National Post newspaper. Based in Toronto, Matt writes about the Internet, video games, social networks and wireless communications.

Preet Banerjee, Personal Finance Blogger of

Preet is a former stockbroker and financial advisor in Toronto who shares his expertise through his personal finance blog, Currently assuming the role of the W Network’s Next Expert, Preet wears many hats in the financial industry.

And as if you didn’t need another incentive to attend, the event will support local entrepreneurs and host food from and @DesignerCookie!

Contact Gloria Chik for more details, or register here, for free!