Inner Geek Offers Epic Employee Perks, Joins Tech Fest London to Hire More Talent

Inner Geek founder and CEO Colton Hathaway offers his staff unlimited paid vacation.

The perk is a big one for the 18-month-old company, based in London, Ontario. “If we take care of our people, people will take care of our products,” he explained That’s just the philosophy we live by,” Hathaway told CTV News. “That’s just the philosophy we live by.”

Quoth CTV News:

“I have a family,” says employee Greg Smith. “It’s nice to know that if I need to take a day off, if I’m stressed out, I don’t have to worry about, ‘Do I have any days left, or do I have to take a day without pay?’” He says so far no one has abused the unlimited vacation time. In fact, staff have rarely taken time off because, well, they simply enjoy being at work.

Hathaway was inspired by companies in Silicon Valley, who offer some of the most extravagant company-wide perks on the planet. Other perks offered to Inner Geek employees include a fully stocked kitchen, a beer tap, and daily catered lunches.

Inner Geek is the latest startup to join the roster of hiring companies at Tech Fest London, slated for Tuesday, October 28 at the London Music Hall.

Other hiring companies will include Big Viking Games, GoodLife Fitness, and Startech. There will be drinks and good food as you meet the CEOs, hiring managers, and executive teams of the presenting companies. Each company will have a creative exhibit area set up; at recent Tech Fest events there has a foosball tournament, popcorn machine, ice cream sundaes, ping pong, 4D simulators, and prizes.

But the highlight? Watch the execs have three minutes on stage to pitch you on why you should work for them. Hear what sets them apart, their perks, and the technology they’re building.