Innovation and Originality on display at latest Seattle Tech Startups meeting

Last night’s Seattle Tech Startups meeting featured presentations from four Seattle startups – CueSense, Valu Valu, Econome, and Vittana. Mike Koss provides a quick synopsis of his take on all of the presentations here. To sum it up: he thinks that innovation and is alive and well in Seattle, and was impressed by the diversity of ideas.

Newsfeed filter CueSense offers a summary of popular topics and trends, and suggestions of where to browse and shop. Valu Valu offers a pricing engine that determines the optimal price for selling goods and services. Initially only working in a used video games market, co-founder Emmanuel Marot wants to branch out into used consumer electronics and beyond. Econome is a MMORPG developed by Six Slice Studios – it’s a startup where users play startup. Users build their own business and corporate empire with just a few minutes per day. The startup that impresses me the most is Vittana. They is a micro-financing site which will allow users to loan as little as $25 to students in developing countries when they launch later this spring. What do they have to say about it?

“Unlike the traditional microfinance business loan, our product is experimental. A lot of people — a lot of microfinance banks — want to do this, but no one really understands quite how yet. We work across institutions to understand what works, what doesn’t, and share knowledge to build something that really works. “

Koss’ reviews are brief and clear. Check them out to for highlights.