Innovation Driving Major Job Growth in Information and Communications Technology Industry

Innovations in information and communications technologies have heightened the way Canadians experience healthcare.

With the growth of digital health solutions, companies in the ICT sector have been at the forefront of development. Upscaling technologies and adoption of digital health solutions have led to numerous economic opportunities, including the creation of employment, improved productivity, cost reductions, revenue generation, and increase in collaborative innovation, according to The Information and Communications Technology Council.

Data released by the ICTC and Canada Health Infoway illustrates that Canada’s health ICT sector is strong and growing in all key economic measures.

“What ICTC has found through this report is that the Canadian domestic health ICT sector is strong and growing in all critical measures of economic stimulus including exports, employment and innovation,” said Canada Health Infoway CEO Michael Green.

“This report alone states that by the year 2020, more than 32,000 jobs are expected to be created in this sector,” says Namir Anani, CEO of ICTC.

You can read the full report here.