Instagram CEO: We Have No Plans to Build an App for BlackBerry, Windows Phone, or Google Glass

A lack of big name apps continues to be one of BlackBerry 10’s more significant weaknesses, and certain companies aren’t shy about confirming the low priority they place on developing apps for the Canadian-made platform.

One is Netflix, and another, more recently, is Instagram. Last October, a source cited in VentureBeat declared that Facebook had zero intention of building an Instagram app for BB10. CrackBerry writer Kevin Michaluk insisted the opposite, affirming that Instagram was indeed well on its way to BB10. Turns out, VB’s sources were more accurate.

Now, in a new Fast Company article, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom said that his company currently has no plans to build an app for BlackBerry 10—or Windows Phone or Google Glass for that matter. He points out the fact it took an absurdly long time (18 months) just for Android to get an app, and that’s the world’s most popular mobile platform.

The silver lining? Systrom says that, at the very least, BB10 would get a higher priority over Google Glass in terms of building an app.