Canadian Company Launches At-Home Kit for Couples to Test Their Long-Term Compatibility

Toronto’s Instant Chemistry this week announced the launch of its at-home compatibility kit for couples so partners now have “an affordable way to test chemistry and compatibility long before a life-changing commitment is made.” Based on “a combination of genetic and psychological components,” the Couples Kit reveals the underlying compatibility between partners and provides tips for helping their relationship grow.

“Through intensive research scientists have found that long-term relationship satisfaction stems from two constants—your DNA and core personality—and how those match up with your partners’,” says Dr. Sara Seabrooke, chief science officer of Instant Chemistry. “The science behind Instant Chemistry’s kits is based on this research. By combining biological and psychological tests, we can determine how compatible you are with your partner, and provide ways to offset incompatibilities, for example changing a small habit.”

The Couples Kit contains two biological tests, one based on relationship satisfaction and the other on long-term chemistry. The Relationship Satisfaction test, backed by research from University of California, Berkeley, determines how partners’ brains process serotonin, thus revealing differences in their emotional reactions to varying situations. The second biological test, Long-Term Chemistry, is based on 20 years of research looking at how well partners’ genetic makeup complements each other.