Montrea’s Intellitix Introduces the InstaBand, a Thermal Transfer RFID Wristband

Montreal’s Intellitix continues its innovative ethos by launching the InstaBand, a thermal transfer RFID wristband printed at the moment of purchase at a venue Box Office.

The new InstaBand product takes Intellitix into the reserved seated environment of permanent venues and stadia, offering clients the ability to receive their own RFID wristband instantaneously, instead of a ticket, at the moment they purchase entry to an event.

Intellitix technologies link directly to the ticketing software used by a venue, which means that having paid their admission fee, patrons will receive a waterproof RFID wristband.

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The InstaBand can store a wide range of information, such as the name of the event, the seat number/row/section, any special VIP access requirements; it can also be branded with commercial partners’ logos related to the event, and it could even bear the patron’s name.

In addition to being the entry access control medium, InstaBand offers all of the benefits of a cashless environment already associated with Intellitix’s RFID services at temporary events.

The RFID wristband also gives venues the opportunity to better understand its audience demographics, so building stronger relationships with its patrons by tailoring their experience through improved data. For example, by personalizing their wristband the patron will be able to participate in contests, accumulate points in the venue ‘loyalty scheme’ and benefit from a range of rewards.