Interactive Marketing Could Outperform Traditional Television Ad Revenue by 2016

Interactive marketing is defined as a combination of display advertising, search advertising, mobile marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing. A Forrester Research report suggests that these mediums combined could represent $77 billion by 2016. That’s expected to be 35% of all advertising spend.

Techvibes recently reported that traditional television still leads all advertising spend at $70 billion in the United States. Still, you should see how cool interactive marketing is getting. Exclusively at Community 54 in Toronto, a lyric video is triggered by the image of Toronto-based singer-songwriter Colin Munroe as seen to your right. You can view the video in which his single “Invincible” comes to life.

Viewable on high powered Android smartphones, iPads and iPhones, the picture requires the download of augmented reality app Aurasma. Video director Phillip Sportel transposed the song’s lyrics in black gaffer tape against whitewashed walls. It’s not the musician’s first foray into interactive works though. Colin Monroe was also part of an interactive documentary series called City Sonic that featured 20 Toronto artists in 2009.