InteraXon hoping to make waves at CES

While the big boys may try and grab all the headlines for themselves, Toronto company InteraXon is hoping to make some news of their own at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

InteraXon is a producer of thought-controlled computers. Their technology records brainwaves and uses these waves as a controller for other programs. For example, at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, they had a display that let visitors control a light show at three Ontario landmarks: Niagara Falls, the Parliament Buildings and the CN Tower.

At the CES, InteraXon will be showing off two new projects, both apps for the iPad (I guess everything at this year’s CES will have something to do with tablet computers). The first is called Zen Bound 2, and it’s a game that literally requires you to think your way out of a puzzle. InteraXon describes the product like this:

The goal is to wrap a piece of string around a wooden block, but instead of using your fingers to manipulate the object, you use your mind. The harder you concentrate, the faster it rotates. At the end, you get feedback about your brainpower and how your performance compares to previous sessions.

The other offering is an experiment in 3D TV technology in collaboration with Toronto artist Alex McLeod. McLeod has made some interesting 3D landscape environments, and InteraXon’s technology allows viewers to manipulate aspects of those environments with their thoughts.

For more information on InteraXon, click here.