Internet Marketing Meetup – All Hats Invited

Vancouver’s Outcome 3 Media is hosting the first Vancouver Internet Marketing Meetup and they’re calling out anybody that is making money online.

Vancouver’s undeniably the SEO and search marketing capital of the world – yet it’s eerily quiet when you actually want to chat with people in the space. Let’s change all that! Whether you’re a business owner, search marketing guru, novice, or blackhat bandit, you’ll find someone to chat with!

While Vancouver has a plethora of search experts, they rarely meet. Outcome3, a local Internet marketing firm, is hosting the inaugural Vancouver Internet Marketing Meetup for search experts and business owners to come together, discuss opportunities, and talk trade.

Outcome 3’s Lyal Avery is hoping to change public opinion on making money through Internet Marketing. In the process he’s hoping to bring together both White Hat and Black Hat SEO specialists to see what they can learn from each other.

“There is a huge amount of talent in Vancouver”, says Lyal Avery, CEO of Outcome3. “We’d like to bring the entrepreneurs, business owners, and search veterans together to talk about new tools, techniques, and business prospects.” Avery goes on, “Making money online is almost shunned in Vancouver. Most events focus on the creative or technical side of the tech community – we want to make it clear, it’s a-okay to make money online!”

The Meetup is scheduled for Tuesday, October 7th at 7pm at Malones Bar & Grill and Pender & Seymour – be sure to pre-register online.