Internet sharing is killing your bottom line – Find out how to avoid the sharing slowdown

This article was sponsored by TeraGo Networks.

You have critical files you need to upload, but because you share your internet connection with a universe of other users, the files just seem to sit there, waiting in the line up forever.

For many businesses, each and every day, this same scenario takes place. Peak period internet slowdown can hinder the productivity of a business.

Important, time-sensitive files that a business needs to upload or download through the internet, often take longer to transfer at certain points of the day.

This is a result of a practice that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) implement called “Overbooking”.  Overbooking means that the ISP has sold more bandwidth than it makes available to its customers. More customers using more bandwidth than what’s available means data has to line up and wait. This practice of sharing an internet connection seriously affects business productivity and performance.

The big slowdown in speed is experienced most often for those businesses with ADSL, cable, residential wireless Internet, or satellite Internet providers. The affect of a speed slowdown goes beyond simple frustrations about delays. Dropped connections and dropped packets seriously interrupt workflow. Of major concern is the fact that these types of aggregated connections share their bandwidth with residential customers and their ever increasing demand for high-bandwidth content, such as gaming and video.

Some businesses have resorted to scheduling their internet use according to the time of day. This means avoiding certain hours when traffic could be heavy and file transfer is slow. Not the ideal practice for any business.

The problem is of serious concern for businesses operating within Canada. So serious, in fact, that even the CRTC has stepped in to help regulate traffic management policies – at both a throughput and  protocol level. In essence, the CRTC has been looking at how Internet Providers assign priority to certain file types at any given time of the day.

With a facilities-based network that is completely independent from all other providers, TeraGo Networks of Thornhill, Ontario, offers its customers a business-only, High Capacity Bandwidth connection. TeraGo installs their own equipment – on their own network and they do not share connectivity with residential customers. Therefore your connection is not shared with others, and it doesn’t vary throughout the day like other networks.

TeraGo offers both a traditional burstable Internet, as well as “dedicated” bandwidth.   With its dedicated services, the speed you sign up for is the speed that’s always available to you. Whether it’s 1.5 Mbps or over 100 Mbps, you always get what’s promised.

A more predictable internet connection results in a business that is able to remain productive throughout the day without worrying about the speed of its internet connection. It’s just easier on everyone involved when there’s no need to schedule work-arounds.

So if you’re concerned about the speed of your internet connection, or you realize that everyone is adjusting their schedule to avoid peak periods when the connection is slow, maybe the time is now to re-think who’s providing that connection to the internet.

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This article was sponsored by TeraGo Networks.