Internet, Social Media, and Mobile Use All on the Rise in Canada, Study Confirms

The value of e-commerce reached $19 billion in Canada in 2012, up 24% from 2010, according to recently released data from Statistics Canada.

StatsCan says that in 2012 more than half of internet users in Canada ordered goods or services online, up up from 51% in 2010.

But it’s not just e-commerce that’s on the rise. Virtually all internet activity is increasing: in 2012, 83% of Canadians aged 16 or over used the internet for personal use from any location, compared with 80% in 2010.

And according to StatsCan, the rise in Canadians using the internet can be partially attributed to increased use by those who are 65 or older—internet use by Canadians in this demographic rose from 40% in 2010 to 48% in 2012.

Social media has since increased usage too, not surprisingly. Just over two-thirds (67%) of those Canadians who used the internet visited social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter in 2012, up from 58% in 2010. But perhaps the biggest jump in usage was of video calls over the internet, which shot up 43% from 24%.

Mobile is also exploding. More than one-half of Internet users (58%) accessed the Internet in 2012 via a wireless handheld device such as a cell phone or tablet, up from 33% in 2010.