Introducing Canada’s newest Prime Ministerial candidate: The Internet

It looks like Stephen Harper, Michael Ignatieff, and Jack Layton have some additional competition.

Vancouver’s OpenMedia has initiated a campaign highlighted by a “new Prime Ministerial candidate” – the Internet.

Going by the nickname Net, he (or she?) aims to raise awareness about the treacherous telecom terrain in Canada.

“I get to travel a lot,” said Net, “and as a proud Canadian, I can honestly tell you we’re falling behind. The rest of the world is quickly embracing the Digital Age; they recognize the future engines of economic growth will require more speed, more affordability, and more openness.”

Video after the jump.

From OpenMedia:

One month after almost half-a-million Canadians stood up for the Internet by signing’s Stop The Meter petition, and one week after over 40,000 citizens took a pledge to Vote for the Internet, Net decided there was no other choice but to toss his virtual hat into the ring and run for federal office.

Net followed the Federal Leaders debate via Twitter last week, and was shocked when no one answered the call for strong digital leadership. Within hours, Net initiated a meeting of his closest and most trusted advisers, and nomination papers were filed.

“Canadians are not happy with what passes as leadership these days,”  said Steve Anderson, Net’s Campaign Director. “We need to shake this race up a bit. Net has strong foreign policy credentials, and a positive vision for the future of Canada. This is a candidate Canadians will surely support.”

Net added, “Do we embrace the Digital Age and its full potential, or do we get left behind? That’s the choice facing Canadians in this election.”

Check out Net’s campaign here.