Introducing Techvibes on Twitter

I’m not a huge Twitter user myself, preferring to try and actually work during the day, but I appreciate the value of the service and the people I’ve been able to interact with through it. Instant communication with the mob is very fascinating, and especially so when everything we say gets public permalinks. Watching Twitter feeds alongside televised election coverage has been most interesting these past months. Its rapid growth has been astounding, and I think we’re only at the tip of the iceberg of figuring how to integrate this style of communication in our lives.

So, to get on board with the Internet’s currently fastest rising communications medium, we recently launched a Techvibes Twitter account, and have amassed a respectable chunk of followers despite only mentioning it once in passing.

Some blogs will use a Twitter account to just repost a headline and link of every post. We think that’s unnecessary and a little spammy, and that if you want our headlines you’ll subscribe to the blog via RSS. Instead, it will feature two or three of our most interesting daily posts, along with breaking news, live event coverage, and any miscellaneous commentary we can fit into 140 characters. We’re keeping the format loose, but think we can make it a useful companion for readers of the site and not overload people will too much information. You can follow us at , and we welcome your feedback.