Introducing the… BlackBerry Torch 10000?

Early BlackBerry pager models were called 850, 950, etc. RIM’s early phone models broke into the thousands—5000, 6000, 7100. In 2008, devices hit the 9000-threshold for model naming, defined by the iconic Bold 9000. This year, Torches and Bolds brought themselves even nearer to the fabled five-digit mark: the Torch 9860, the Bold 9900.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that RIM has run out of room with these names, and that a new leaked screenshot shows a next-gen device as the “BB Torch 10000.” The lack of a comma after the first two digits is one thing, but try saying it out loud: the BlackBerry Torch Ten Thousand. Awkward much?

Of course, RIM (hopefully) won’t actually call it that; likely, it will be referred to as the “10K” or something a little easier on the tongue. Or maybe they’ll forge their own trend, create their own cool factor… although that’s something RIM hasn’t done in close to a decade. Either way, the 10 really is quite fitting—after all, it will run on the BlackBerry 10 platform (which was, at one point, coined as the more slick “BBX” before lawsuits ensued). 

The BB Torch 10000 is expected to launch during the second half of 2012, so it will have to out-compete the iPhone 5 and other next-gen flagship models like the Samsung Galaxy S lineup, which will run quad-core by then, and HTC’s high-end models such as the Amaze.