New Invest Ottawa Partnership Prepares Startups for Soft Landing in Brazil

Invest Ottawa has become the first international investment agency to create a joint agreement for developing a soft landing platform between Brazil and Canada.

In association with Plug, Brazil’s most active entrepreneurial ecosystem, the two organizations will bridge the efforts of both countries to enhance and enrich their respective communities.

Invest Ottawa and Plug have spent two years developing the framework for this landmark partnership, since the support of innovation and the encouragement of entrepreneurship are key factors to the economic development of both countries. This soft-landing partnership will find and prep startups and companies to take part in an incubation exchange; provide work space for visiting companies to develop their core products/service; and help parties connect and navigate into their local business networks.

“This partnership represents a tremendous opportunity for startups and SMEs to interested in breaking into the either the Canadian or Brazilian market to leverage the soft-landing services provided by both Plug and Invest Ottawa,” said Bruce Lazenby, President and CEO, Invest Ottawa.

“It is an honour and a privilege to be a part of this pioneering effort,” said Bruno Freitas, executive partner at Plug.

This is the second incubation/soft-landing type partnership established by Invest Ottawa with an international partner.