InvestmentPitch brings video to the pitching process

InvestmentPitch, which presented at the 24th Angel Forum at the SFU Harbour Centre in Vancouver on Monday, is an information services company which uses the internet to provide financial information from private and public companies to accredited investors and financial institutions.

Key business drivers that enable a service like InvestmentPitch are high speed broadband penetration, the internet’s proven ability to build community, and the effectiveness of video as a way of delivering messaging (which is only expanding as time goes on).

By combining the proliferation of online video with the large number of public and private companies in North America that spend on average $100,000 annually on promotional activities.

Investment Pitch uses professionally produced videos in a social networking platform that targets the niche they need to reach by categorizing the videos by industry. The site will also boast forums to facilitate interaction, but the main driver is the video content which will bring investors to the site. Subscribers pay to see the videos, though investors would not pay to see the videos.