Invoke Media and Invoke Labs Become One

After two years spent working as separate companies, Invoke Media and Invoke Labs are becoming one.

Invoke Labs spun out of Invoke Media in 2012 to give startups a one­stop shop for the talent and expertise. Since then, they have worked with more than 20 startups on development, design, marketing, community management, fundraising, and product strategy.

According to today’s press release, the new Invoke will provide brands with product innovation expertise and early exposure to great startups, while startups will gain access to additional talent and relationships with established brands.

“As the two companies increasingly collaborated on Invoke Media’s projects (for brands like the NHL, Westbank, Offsetters and Modo), and the Labs startups grew to require a broader scope of services, it made sense to merge”.

“The only thing still standing between us was a hallway,” said Chris Miller, the Invoke Media Managing Director who will oversee the newly merged organization. “By applying our proven product innovation expertise to brands, and giving early­stage ventures access to talent that would otherwise be unaffordable, we’re offering the best of both worlds. Brands and startups will thrive.”

The new company will remain in its Gastown headquarters.