IOC: Get Hip With Digital Revolution, K?

It’s been a big week for mobile technology announcements in Canada. Bell and Telus announced they’ll begin selling iPhones next month. And on that note comes interesting advice to the IOC from advertisers at the 13th Olympic Congress in Copenhagen. Join the digital revolution IOC, or young people will tune you out and it’s a giant market to loose. The message came from top execs via brainstorming and other sessions with IOC people, advertisers and mobile technology people.  According to the Vancouver Sun,

traditional broadcasters and print media that do not create interactive online content find themselves increasingly unimportant to today’s youth.

Since digital media is embedded into everything we do, the IOC was strongly advised not to ignore this market of youth, especially because they rely on mobile technology. The stats are staggering. 1.6 billion people online now and four billion use mobile phone technology. The chief executive of WPP Group, one of the largest ad agencies in the world, Martin Sorrell, told the IOC that in order that Vancouver 2010 and the Olympic movement to be relevant, they have to engage the younger digitally inclined audience.

They are the most socially active generation and digital culture is their culture. Their desire to create content and use it as social currency amongst their networks and communities has profound implications for how media owners and sports rights owners behave amongst them. The most important legacy of any from the Olympic movement is to deliver the next generation of sports fans and athletes. To do this, we must ensure the iPod, iPhone generation is tuning in, not tuning out.