ION Engineering tech licensed by University

ION EngineeringA Boulder clean tech startup has been licensed by the University of Colorado to put its new carbon-capture technology to commercial use. The technology, which uses ionic liquid solutions to reclaim pollutants from power plant emissions, offers a commercial solution to one of the world’s biggest energy and environmental problems.

The technology was developed at CU-Boulder’s Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering, and was licensed to ION Engineering by the CU Technology Transfer Office, a body that pursues, protects, packages, and licenses to business the intellectual property generated from research at CU.

The license comes with a $100,000 Proof-of-Concept investment from the CU Technology Transfer Office and the CU-Boulder Energy Initiative, which ION Engineering has used to construct a continuously operating demonstration unit, and scale the technology for industrial CO2 capture and natural gas processing.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, ION Engineering was formed in 2008 by Jason Bara and Dean Camper, both of whom helped develop the carbon capture technology, along with Christopher Gabriel, a research associate at CU.  It is headed by Dr. Alfred “Buz” Brown, also a founder, who brings more than 30 years of technology commercialization and venture creation experience.