iOS 7 Sees Incredible 24-hour Adoption Rate, Outpaces iOS 6

Apple has consistently had excellent adoption rates for all of its mobile software updates.

And according to a new report from Chitika Insights, iOS 7 is no exception—in fact, its outpacing iOS 6 in adoption.

After less than 24 hours, more than 18% of iOS users had already upgraded to 7, compared with just under 15% upgrading to iOS 6 last year.

“For some competitive comparison, Google reports that as of September 4 2013, adoption of Jelly Bean, which was released in July 2012, comprises about 45% of the Android ecosystem,” notes Chitika. “Judging by past trends, it’s likely that iOS 7 will surpass that mark very soon.”

The study is based on a sample of millions of North American iOS-based online ad impressions from within the Chitika Ad network.