Canadian-made iPad App Helps Physicians Diagnose Prostate Diseases

Conquer Mobile, a Vancouver-based developer of mobile apps, has announced an innovative mobile health app for GenomeDx Biosciences.

Named UroSketch 3D, the iPad app provides an interactive 3D model of the male pelvis. The feature allows physicians to explain prostate diagnoses, treatment options and prognoses visually to patients, who generally experience information overload. The new app allows for a personalize image with annotations and individual details.

UroSketch 3D is now available at Apple App Store for any iPad running iOS 6.

“Conquer Mobile has strong expertise in graphics and privacy, combined with great problem solving capabilities,” says Penelope Wood, Marketing Director for GenomeDx. “The team were very quick to translate ideas into features that added real value to our app.’

Conquer Mobile was founded in 2007 and has developed a reputation for deep expertise in mobile security, 3D visualization and SharePoint integration. It also has a solid track record with clients such as Ziplocal, Canpages and McDonald’s Canada.

UroSketch 3D will assist in early discussions for prostate treatment, but also retrain patient’s privacy. Individual consultations are listed on the home screen, but will be erased at the end of each day. Physicians may choose to create master sketches and keep templates for new sessions.

GenomeDx collaborated with a panel of urologist to develop the UroSketch 3D. With this new app, physicians can rotate, zoom and explore anatomical features in any manner to explain patient’s condition. The app will also be able to show images of different tumor stages and focus primarily on the prostate.

Based in San Diego, California and Vancouver, British Columbia, GenomeDx Biosciences develops and commercializes genomic tests for prostate and other urologic cancers. Aiming to make an impact on treatment decision-making, reducing healthcare costs and improving patient’s outcome, GenomeDx have developed such prostate prognostic test such as Decipher.

‘We are very excited about the launch of this pioneering patient consult app,” says Angela Robert, CEO of Conquer Mobile. “It has the potential to transform the physician-patient interaction, helping physicians to explain conditions and helping patients to understand and retain the information. mHealth is a new strategic focus for Conquer Mobile. We are applying our expertise in graphics and privacy to mHealth apps that aid physicians and enhance the patient healthcare experience.”