iPhone 4 Canada Update: Not a Rogers customer? Camp out somewhere else.

About an hour ago Rogers announced on their website that they are “making a commitment to allocate the majority of inventory we receive from Apple to existing customers wanting to upgrade to the iPhone 4.” So what does this mean? 

If you are a Rogers customer who has an older iPhone, chances are you will be able to upgrade and or purchase the new iPhone 4.  If you’re a Rogers customer who does not have an iPhone or if you are not a Rogers customer you may not be able to get the iPhone 4. Here’s the deal: 

…as a benefit of being a Rogers customer, we’re investing in a special iPhone 4 hardware upgrade offer to reward our customers for doing business with us, as long as they activated a Rogers iPhone on a term contract on or prior to June 7, 2010 – the day Apple announced iPhone 4 at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

For full details visit Rogers RedBoard.