iPhone Apps game-changing

Curt Cherewayko of Business in Vancouver profiled a couple Vancouver-based iPhone App developers in this week’s issue including Sillysoft Games. According to Sillysoft Founder Dustin Sacks, their Lux DLX game (similar to the Risk boardgame) launched in the App Store on December 19th and has been downloaded more than 25,000 times to date. At $7.99 per download, Sillysoft has generated roughly $140,000 in a month from sales of Lux DLX after Apple takes their 30% cut.

The five-year-old company focused its development efforts on video games for PCs before Dustin Sacks, the company’s founder, discovered that Apple was launching its App Store last July.

“I’m tempted to not make anymore desktop games and just do iPhone games,” said Sacks.

Sales of Lux DLX have already paid for its development costs, which were primarily wages for programmers and developers. The game has also boosted sales of Lux DLX’s PC version.

To promote the game, Sillysoft released a free version last October. Since then, the free Lux DLX has been downloaded more than a million times.

Impressive and literally game-changing. Are there any other locally developed iPhone Apps out there that have been this successful??