iPhone coming to Telus and Bell before Christmas

October 6, 2009 Update: Telus and Bell make it official with Apple and the iPhone

Bell Canada and Telus Corp. confirmed today that they COULD begin selling the Apple iPhone next month, breaking Rogers year-plus stranglehold on the popular device.

Bell announced today that it will launch national service in November on the $1 Billion next-generation wireless network it has been building with Telus, months ahead of schedule. The project extends the two companies’ existing third-generation (3G) networks to include the same technology standard employed by Rogers.

While neither Bell nor Telus would confirm that they would add the iPhone to their device lineups, insiders believe the two carriers will announce a working partnership with Apple as early as Tuesday next week and begin selling the device in time for the launch of their new network.

Today’s announcement is significant for Bell as the November launch will be months ahead of its original deadline to deliver in time for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, of which Bell is the exclusive telecommunications sponsor. The timing couldn’t be better with the busy holiday season ahead – a time when more wireless phones are sold than at any other time of year.

Image: Ben Lucier