iPhone Dev Camp Calgary adds iPad sessions

Robots and Pencils’ iPhoneDevCamp 3 (yyc) is taking place on Saturday, May 22nd at Calgary Technologies Inc. in the Alastair Ross Technology Centre. 

The one-day barcamp style un-conference runns from 9:00am to 5:00pm and is open to people wanting to learn more about iPhone App development, marketing, business models and funding. And this time around there will be special sessions covering iPad App development.

Organizer Michael Sikorsky has put together an impressive roster of speakers including himself:

  • Mark Hazlett of iCOG Studios Inc.
  • Michael Loh of iConnectivity.
  • Ashley Dunfield of PetroQuick.
  • Paul Thorsteinson of Big Nerds in Disguise
  • Stephen Gazzard of Broken Kings Inc.
  • Brendan Duddridge of TapForms.com

The day-long event also includes an AppsTrack where conference participants can spend the day developing an iPhone App.

Tickets for iPhoneDevCamp are $13 to cover food and the venue. Register online.