iPhone Dev Camp Coming to Edmonton

Want to learn how to create a top 10 iPhone App?

Michael Sikorsky’s second iPhone Dev Camp is coming to Edmonton November 27th & 28th, and with two past attendees (Running Map‘s Trackometer & HallowCarver) recently reaching the Apple App store’s Top 10 lists, this is a fantastic opportunity to learn the ins and outs to this burgeoning industry.

The event will take place in the heart of Edmonton’s Tech Scene, ENTS

Taught by Sikorsky and Stephen Gazzard, the course will promises to cover:

– Create an iPhone App using Objective-C, XCode and InterfaceBuilder
– Covers OS2.x and OS3.x
– Run your App on the: iPhone Simulator, iPhone and iPod Touch
– Distribute your App to AppStore (code signing, keywords, tips for getting approved, ,etc)
– Add Analytics to your App so you know what your customers are actually using and not using
– How to add Anti-Piracy tools.
– Find and Fix memory leaks in your App (using Instruments and the LLVM/Clang Static Analyzer)
– How to compress your App
– Learn how to connect your App to WebServices (service will be built using GoogleAppEngine)
– Learn how to add Push Notifications to your App
– Learn how to build your App for say, OS2.0, but take advantage of new APIs in OS3.0 when on that device.

Early bird seats are $599 each until November 15th, after they are $799. To register go here